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Additional documents for your pitch
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Your campaign pitch should provide investors with a sufficiently comprehensive overview of your business to make an investment decision. However, some investors may wish to see additional information before making a decision. You'll be able to upload additional documents to your campaign page in order to provide more information to investors, hopefully making it an easier decision to invest in your business. 

Since these documents are provided on request, they do not constitute part of the approved campaign and therefore do not need a full verification review from Seedrs to check the facts in the way that the written pitch does. However you should still carry out your own checks to ensure the information is accurate and up to date.

You can provide additional documents to your Campaign Manager which will be attached in the "documents" section of your campaign page. Once the campaign is live they will be available to investors on request. This means that investors can request access to the documents and you will then be able to grant access to them individually.

Additional documents typically include: 

  • Pitch Deck

  • Financials

You do not have to provide any additional documents, although doing so will help you present your case to investors who prefer seeing more detailed information and may also increase your chances of funding. It’s also very likely you will receive requests for these documents, so having them prepared ahead of time will be beneficial.

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