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Answering investor questions
Answering investor questions
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Every Seedrs investor that views your campaign can ask you questions in the Discussion Forum. Potential investors can ask questions by creating new topics, or request further information, such as business plans or financial information, that is not available in the campaign by using the Documents tab. You will be notified of each new topic, comment or document request by email. 

It’s crucial you answer investor questions politely, promptly and extensively to ensure you not only make a good impression, but so that investors can see that you’re open and honest. Building trust is crucial as it’s a big request to ask people to believe in you enough to put their money on the table. 

When you are viewing the Discussion Forum on the platform the questions will be split into different topics, and each topic will be ordered by most recent activity. The topics with the most recent activity will appear at the top of the page.

To post a reply to a question, click on the “Add Comment” button and type your response in the text box. You are also able to supplement your answers with .pdf, .jpg, .png or .gif files if necessary. Please be aware that any additional information you provide will not be reviewed or approved by Seedrs.

Once posted, you are unable to edit your answers, so be sure to review and double check any posts.

Best practice for answering investor questions

  • Be timely with your responses. Check in at least three times per day to catch up on messages.

  • Don’t give away your secrets. Offer to meet investors offline or speak to them on the phone if you don’t want to disclose information publicly.

  • Ask for their email address so you can follow up directly.

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