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How to structure your regular updates
How to structure your regular updates
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We have provided a template that will help you to structure your regular updates to ensure that you are hitting all the key points. Pick and choose which sections are relevant for your update at the time.


What has been going on with the business?

KPIs / Financials

  • How is the business/product performing

  • Revenue

  • Growth rates (yearly, monthly, same period last year)

  • Any other relevant metrics


What milestones or accomplishments are you most proud of?


What are you disappointed about?

Business development

  • Any notable deals/partnerships closed

  • What opportunities in the pipeline


  • Any key employees hired

  • Any current positions open


  • Runway/burn rate

  • Future financing plans


Any notable press mentions?

Help wanted/asks

Where do you need help from your investors?

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